“God’s Girl” III The Devil & Demons

Do you really believe that the Devil doesn’t exist? You better think again.

Journal III, Second Edition is filled with visions, dreams and manifestations of the Devil and demons who often appear to J.G. Hemlock as “Angels of Light.”

Don’t be mistaken, these are true, documented accounts of attacks by the fallen angels. Bloodied, strangled, punched and slashed by these demons, leaves no room for the author to ever doubt that the Devil does not exist. The Principalities of darkness are growing greater in the world. For those who don’t believe in the Devil, this book will give the readers shivers when they process the truth of the Devil’s very existence, and what they will be up against without the power of God inside them.

The Apocalyptic Spiritual War is coming! Will you be prepared?

The author chose to use a photograph of herself for Journal III cover. This looks nothing like her! This photograph was changed by the manifestation of a powerful EVIL which has come up against her due to the great revelations that she has received from God. The pits of Hell have come to fight against her, attacking, challenging and attempting to stop her Testimony of the Living God.


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  1. Steven Vinevel says:

    Hi Joy,
    My name is Steven Vinevel Vinevel, and I have a strong connection to your testimony about Adam & Eve Dream Vision. I have had a lot of visions and have encountered spiritual battles with Satan and his demons. I am a 42 year old male gentile, living in Papua New Guinea, a country to the north of Australia. I was brought up with a christian education, but have since gone through a very sinful life.

    Please I know the Lord should be talking to you right now regarding my email, and you might have a visit from the Lord tonight. I strongly believe something is happening, because I can already feel peace in me.

    Joy, I want you to respond and tell me.

    Steven Vinevel Vinevel


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